It's been a year already

Do you remember my blogpost from Mia's first birthday? Well, this was already a year ago so the whole family gathered together again to celebrate the sweet girls second birthday last Saturday. Perfect weather, a yummy cake, many kids and a couple of Minions all summed up to a wonderful party. Everybody had a fun and relaxed afternoon and in the end we even had a BBQ. Can you ask for anything more?

Once again: Happy Birthday Mia and always follow your heart. 

Oh what a Beauty in the Morning

First of all: I am not a morning person. Second of all: I have to get up in the middle of the night more often. 

Last weekend I got to shoot my beautiful friend Lydia. We planned it as a morning session but little did I know, that the sun would rise at 5 in the morning. Anyways, the big day came, the alarm went off, I grabbed my stuff and I was on my way. And I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did it. 

The shooting went so well. Lydia was not only stunningly beautiful but also very relaxed and cool in front of my camera. The streets were still empty and the light was just perfect. All of this led to these lovely images.

A big thank you to Lydia for modeling and to Roxana for setting the whole thing up and being an extra pair of hands and eyes on the shooting. 

Girls just want to have Fun

Karo, who you might already know from last years picnic-shoot, sent me a message a couple of weeks ago and asked me, if I would photograph her with five of her best friends. Of course I said yes and we planned a lovely and fun spring-shooting. But to be honest, I was a bit worried. As day of the shooting came nearer, the weather got worse and worse: cold, rainy and grey skies day after day - not at all the sunny spring we had hoped for when we set the date. Even on the big day itself it didn't look too bright. Determined to make the best out of it I packed my gear and set off when it finally stopped raining and the sky cleared up a bit. 

The shooting itself was great fun then. Karo, Catherina, Milica, Theresa, Lisa and Lisa know each other from their school years and stayed friends since then. And they are a really fun and cool crowd who didn't mind to goof around in front of my lens at all. They even faced the chilly temperatures in their beautiful pastel dresses.

So, here is a big thank you to you girls, for keeping the spirits high and a beautiful and fun Sunday afternoon!

sometimes, all it takes is a little patience

About two weeks ago Priska and Michael visited me together with their 6 day old baby girl Louisa. We started taking a couple of pictures of the young family together and everything went very smoothly. At one point though, when I started photographing Louisa alone, she demanded the comfort of her parents hugs and started crying. So I waited patiently until she was sound asleep and got rewarded with the opportunity to take some really lovely shots.

So, it is with great pleasure that I present to you: Louisa

Welcome to the Family

Mona - that is the name of the youngest member of my family. She is the super sweet daughter of my cousin Marion and her husband Peter and sister to their first child Mia.

Mona was only 6 days old when I took these pictures and I am really happy that I had the chance to capture these precious moments. And what a great older sister Mia is to her! Carefully snuggling and kissing the baby, always keeping an eye on me so that I do no harm to her new sibling.

Watching this young family interact was pure joy. Rest assured to meet them again on my blog.

a lion's gotta roar

Marion wanted to surprise her husband with pictures of their cute little son Leo for his birthday. So she asked me if I could take a couple of shots and I gladly said yes. When they came over I didn't quite know what to expect. Leo is a year old and I when I was shooting a kid his age the last time, the boy didn't like it at all and wanted to hide the whole time. So it took a lot of patience and creativity to make him feel comfortable and get a few nice shots. Leo was the opposite – he loved the camera, giggled and laughed along and I had to speed up to keep up with him, when he was exploring the room. All in all it was a fun shooting and I hope you can see this in the images as well. 

So, happy birthday to Patrick, Leo's daddy. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

new years new newborn shoot

Sabine and Georg are not only a lovely couple but have also been friends to the family for a long time. A few days ago their second daughter was born. A small and cute little girl who already seems to explore the world. I came over to take a couple of pictures and she was awake and interested the whole time. 

So, with great pleasure I introduce to you: Ellinor Theres


8L7B7936 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B7999 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B8022 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B8015 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B8011 © bright light photography.jpg
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8L7B8282 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B8309 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B8443 © bright light photography.jpg
8L7B8360 © bright light photography.jpg

fun boost Photo-Booth

This Christmas I had some friends over for dinner. I knew I would be busy in the kitchen at some point so I prepared a little surprise activity for them: I set up my camera and light in the entrance hall, prepared some fun props and set the camera to delayed action release so that everybody could snap some fun pictures of themselves. And they did. Everybody had lots of fun and the pictures are a nice souvenir to a great night.

IMG_7697 © bright light photography.jpg