reminds me of a movie star

A while ago my friend Betty asked if I could take a couple of pictures of here. Of course I said yes and we arranged a day. As it was raining outside then we stayed inside and I made use of the dim light that came in through the window. Later on I played a bit with flash from behind and we had a really good time shooting. I really like the pictures – somehow they remind me of the classiness of movie stars. What do you think?

8L7B3968 © bright light photography.jpg

on the other side

They say "the gras is always greener on the other side". Is that true? Actually I never really envyd the people on the other side of my camera. I always felt more comfortable shooting, than being the model.

But I wanted to understand how the people feel like, when I take their picture. I wanted to experience first hand what makes them comfortable and relaxed, and what might stress them. So I asked the incredible duo Thomas and Cornelia to take a couple of pictures of me. I met Thomas about a year ago when we both did a workshop about wedding photography with Carmen and Ingo Photography. Our pathes crossed several times since than and I can not only say that he is an incredibly nice person – both of them are – but also one of the most talanted photographers I had the pleasure to meet. But see for yourself at his website

The shoot itself was actually great fun. They both understand how to make people relax in front of the camera - even when there are others watching. After all we shot at Albertina and Museumsquartier – not the most remote places in Vienna. But after a few directions and a couple of clicks I forgot all about it and felt really comfortable. Once again, great job Thomas and Cornelia!

To make a long story short: here are some of the pictures. 

All pictures:

Autumn Beauty

I have a confession to make. I love the fall. Many people complain because summer is gone, but for me, a sunny autumn day is the best. 

As we were blessed with lovely weather this weekend I asked my dear friend Claudia if she is up for a couple of pictures and she agreed. I am so happy she did because for me, these pics turned out really nice and beautiful - and they come up to her beautiful personality.  


8L7B5185 © bright light photography.jpg

I pic, you pic, everybody picnic

Last week, my sister Christine from The Cake Shop and I put together this lovely little picnic-style shoot. Preparations and the day itself were great fun – last but not least thanks to our lovely couple Karo & Tobi. I am really happy with how it all turned out and owe a big thank you to everybody involved!
Oh, and after the shooting we dug in all the sweet treats – soooo good :)

After we were done shooting, Mia, my cousins daughter, had some fun with the cupcakes. Good girl she is, she went for the fruits - at first ... 

from Mödling to Triest on a perfect day

My friend Claudia asked me, if I would like to be her date to a wedding of a dear friend of hers. Of course I said yes! Who doesn't want to go to a wedding? Since it was a bit short notice and I did not have a gift for the bride and groom, I offered to take a few pictures. And I am glad I did. I really enjoyed capturing this spacial day of Ivana and Marco.  

They started at the register office in Mödling. Later on everybody moved to Das Triest for the celebration. Ivana and Marco not only had a lovely summer wedding planned but were also lucky. The weather was just perfect. Everybody had a good time and I was happy to be there too.  

Once again: Congratulations and all the best for the future! 


time flies by

It seems like only yesterday when my cousin Marion gave birth to her little daughter. But the fact is, it's already a year ago. So it was time to celebrate Mias first birthday. We all had a great time. No wonder, the weather was perfect, we had an amazing cake and delicious food and drinks. Couldn't resist but to take a few shots - pictures I mean, not vodka ... 

So here's to Mia! All the best and happy birthday!

two babies make a great shoot

It was love at first sight. A little more than a week ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Amélie is such a cute little thing that I had to take some shots of her very quickly. On the pictures below she is only five days old and already a real supermodel. Or rather a ballerina in the making ...? Anyways, congratulations to Christine & Daniel - well done! 

But why was I talking about two babies in the headline? Where is the second one? The answer is simple: On the other side of the lens – a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. My family gave it to me as a present for the start of my own business. Isn't it great to know, that they believe in you? Thank you once again, I had so much fun shooting away with it and looking forward to the many great pictures still to come. 

So here's to Amélie, my wonderful niece!