From Norway with Love

Sometimes, being spontaneous is the best thing to be. For me, this proved right again last year. It was the evening before I flew to London for a short weekend-getaway, when I read the post of a fellow photographer on Facebook who promoted a "Scandinavian Style Wedding Workshop" in Norway. I checked the website, liked what I saw and booked it right away.

November came, I got on my plane and flew to Oslo. The workshop was phenomenal. Not only did Lisa from The Norwegian Wedding Blog do a really terrific job in putting everything together (a wonderful location, lovely models, unique styles and so much more ...) but also our mentors and speakers 2 Brides Photography  and Siegrid Cain Photography had so many interesting and helpful things to say and were so much fun to be with. Speaking of fun – the best part about the whole experience were the lovely and talented and passionated people I met. We were a really terrific group from all over Europe, helping each other, sharing stories and lots of laughs (I actually couldn't stop laughing on the last day until tears ran down my cheeks). 

The workshop had an emphasis on film photography which I never really tried before. With some encouragement (and cameras) from the others, I jumped over my own shadow and shot my first few rolls of film. And I loved it! I am not going to switch from digital photography to analog completely (at least for the moment), but I have to say that shooting film gave me a different feeling – a feeling I really liked. It's definitely something I want to explore some more in the future. And I don't know what the guys from Carmencita Film Lab did when developing and scanning my film, but they worked their magic and so I ended up with some pretty nice shots. 

A big big thank you to each and everyone who made the workshop possible, who put their work, effort and passion into it and to all the people who made it such a great experience. I hope someday we will have some sort of reunion (and if we do, I will tell the story that made me laugh so hard on the last day). 

VENDORS AND CREDITS: Arranging and hosting workshop: The Norwegian Wedding Blog // Speakers: 2 Brides Photography and Siegrid Cain Photography // Scans and sponsor: Carmencita Film Lab // White dress, black dress, jewelry, blush shoes: Modeca dresses via Belle Amie // Vintage engagement and wedding rings: The Norwegian Wedding Blog // All flower arrangements and Bridal bouquets: Eucalyptus // Stationary: Alexis June Weddings // Cakes and cake tables: Sweet Sugarboy Ed // Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Tilde // Blush wedding dress, blue, white and gold wedding dress and Headpiece Blush dress: Designed by The Norwegian Wedding Blog in collaboration with Heines Design Haute Couture // Earrings both models day two (blue and blush dress): Handmade by Heines Design Haute Couture // Grooms Attire both days: The Norwegian Wedding Blog via H&M // Grooms Shoes: The Norwegian Wedding Blog via H&M // Grooms hat: Private // Styling and concept: The Norwegian Wedding Blog // Shoes: The Norwegian Wedding Blog // Napkins, vintage glass, golden plates, vintage furniture, rugs, candelabra, lights, table linen: The Norwegian Wedding Blog // Cutlery and tableware: DekkMittBord // Location: Königs WingerKongsvinger Fortress and Kongsvinger // Models: Rebecca Løckra Hægland, Espen Krøll and Oda Østenstad Fjell // Assistants, handymans and fairys: Peter, Vetle, Tina and Arild


And some behind the scenes shots (this time digital)

Theresia Pauls mastering the art of dress(age)

Mayra Franco in action

Photographers taking photos of photographers taking photos. With Ben Walker, Manuela Kalupar and Bettina Danzl