blood, sweat and tears

Okay, here comes the most personal and emotional blogpost I have posted so far.

My boyfriend Adrian started dancing when he was a kid in Rumania and worked as a professional ballet dancer ever since he finished school. He had engagements in England, Scotland, Spain and Austria, was on tour in Japan, Monte Carlo, Irland and France – just to name a few. 

The truth about ballet is, that it looks elegant, effortless and graceful but what the audience doesn't see is the hard work in training and rehearsals – many times a torture for the body that ends in pain and blood. No wonder, that you cannot do this job forever. A truth, that also Adrian had to face when he had to go trough a knee surgery last year. So it is time for him to stop his career on stage and starte something new. 

This Tuesday he danced his last ballet as a member of Wiener Staatsballett on stage of Wiener Volksoper. I went with him back stage and had my camera with me to document this special occasion. Not an easy job, as I got quite emotional myself in the end. 


Getting ready for the show.


Warming up in the studio.


The show begins.
First part: Debussy, "Nachmittag eines Fauns" (choreography: Boris Nebyla)


Part two: Ravel, "Bolero" (choreography: András Lukács)


Part three: Orff, "Carmina Burana" (choreography: Vesna Orlic)


Taking the final bow and the end.

So, here's to Adrian: I love you very much and I am really proud of you. Not just for what you achieved as a dancer but also for taking a risk and starting something new.