Girls just want to have Fun

Karo, who you might already know from last years picnic-shoot, sent me a message a couple of weeks ago and asked me, if I would photograph her with five of her best friends. Of course I said yes and we planned a lovely and fun spring-shooting. But to be honest, I was a bit worried. As day of the shooting came nearer, the weather got worse and worse: cold, rainy and grey skies day after day - not at all the sunny spring we had hoped for when we set the date. Even on the big day itself it didn't look too bright. Determined to make the best out of it I packed my gear and set off when it finally stopped raining and the sky cleared up a bit. 

The shooting itself was great fun then. Karo, Catherina, Milica, Theresa, Lisa and Lisa know each other from their school years and stayed friends since then. And they are a really fun and cool crowd who didn't mind to goof around in front of my lens at all. They even faced the chilly temperatures in their beautiful pastel dresses.

So, here is a big thank you to you girls, for keeping the spirits high and a beautiful and fun Sunday afternoon!