two babies make a great shoot

It was love at first sight. A little more than a week ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Amélie is such a cute little thing that I had to take some shots of her very quickly. On the pictures below she is only five days old and already a real supermodel. Or rather a ballerina in the making ...? Anyways, congratulations to Christine & Daniel - well done! 

But why was I talking about two babies in the headline? Where is the second one? The answer is simple: On the other side of the lens – a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. My family gave it to me as a present for the start of my own business. Isn't it great to know, that they believe in you? Thank you once again, I had so much fun shooting away with it and looking forward to the many great pictures still to come. 

So here's to Amélie, my wonderful niece!