on the other side

They say "the gras is always greener on the other side". Is that true? Actually I never really envyd the people on the other side of my camera. I always felt more comfortable shooting, than being the model.

But I wanted to understand how the people feel like, when I take their picture. I wanted to experience first hand what makes them comfortable and relaxed, and what might stress them. So I asked the incredible duo Thomas and Cornelia to take a couple of pictures of me. I met Thomas about a year ago when we both did a workshop about wedding photography with Carmen and Ingo Photography. Our pathes crossed several times since than and I can not only say that he is an incredibly nice person – both of them are – but also one of the most talanted photographers I had the pleasure to meet. But see for yourself at his website

The shoot itself was actually great fun. They both understand how to make people relax in front of the camera - even when there are others watching. After all we shot at Albertina and Museumsquartier – not the most remote places in Vienna. But after a few directions and a couple of clicks I forgot all about it and felt really comfortable. Once again, great job Thomas and Cornelia!

To make a long story short: here are some of the pictures. 

All pictures: www.thomassteibl.com